Traffic Count Program

The UCTC’s Traffic Monitoring Program (TMP) serves an important function in the overall Ulster County transportation planning process. Tasks associated with UCTC’s TMP include: 1) the identification of count locations; 2) scheduling the collection of traffic count data; 3) collecting the traffic count data; 4) processing traffic count data; 5) analyzing traffic count data; 6) and reporting the traffic count data, trends and forecasts. The TMP (also known as the traffic count program) assists Ulster County elected officials and technical staff monitor traffic volume trends and make decisions about how and where Federal, State and local funds are programmed. The TMP also supports the region’s Congestion Management System program whereby traffic count data helps analyze and monitor regional (Dutchess, Orange and Ulster Counties) traffic volumes, trends and forecasts.


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UCTC Traffic Counts 2005-2007 Combined

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