Final UCTC policy and decision making authority rests with its voting members at Policy Committee meetings. The Policy Committee is comprised of chief elected officials from urbanized and non-urbanized areas throughout Ulster County along with the New York State Department of Transportation and the New York State Thruway Authority. The Ulster County Executive serves as Chair of the Policy Committee. The Policy Committee is supported by Non-voting Advisory and Technical Committees comprised of municipal and transportation agency officials.

In addition to permanent voting members, the UCTC voting structure includes alternating two-year voter membership. Less urbanized municipalities are paired together based upon geographic location and municipal population, and alternate every two years on June 4. UCTC voting membership is identified in Table 1.

In addition to permanent and two-year alternating voter members, the UCTC Operating Procedures identify seven (7) rural municipalities to collectively serve as one (1) rural voting member (also known as the “7 as 1” rural voter arrangement). In accordance with UCTC Operating Procedures, the Ulster County Association of Town Supervisors or UCATS appoints one Supervisor to represent the seven municipalities. Term limits for the “7 as 1” rural voting seat is determined by UCATS.

The UCTC Policy Committee is supported by a Technical Committee comprised of appointed municipal and transportation agency staff representing Ulster County municipalities and transportation agency interests. The Technical Committee monitors the operational aspects of the UCTC planning program for consistency with Federal, State, and local planning requirements, reviews technical and policy-oriented projects and programs, makes recommendations to the Policy Committee for consideration, and monitors the activities of staff.

The UCTC is supported by Non-Voting Advisory Members to assist with the planning process and help guide the Technical and Policy Committees with decision-making and policy formulation.

The day-to-day activities of the UCTC are supported by 2.5 FTE staff members to ensure the overall planning program is executed in a timely and efficient manner, and in accordance with Federal regulations. Ulster County is the host agency for all UCTC-related staffing and planning studies. Staff is housed within the Ulster County Office Building within the Ulster County Planning Department office. The UCTC’s budget is embedded within the Ulster County Planning Department’s budget and managed by the Director of the Ulster County Planning Department. Staff, equipment, supplies, rent, consulting studies, and other expenses used to support UCTC staffing operations are 95% reimbursable to Ulster County.

Permanent Voting Members

Ulster County Executive/Chair
City of Kingston Mayor
Town of Saugerties Supervisor
Town of Ulster Supervisor
NYS Thruway Authority Executive Director
NYSDOT Commissioner, Secretary 

Two-Year Voting Members (Alternate Biennially)

Town of Esopus Supervisor
Town of Hurley Supervisor
Town of Kingston Supervisor
Town of Lloyd Supervisor*
Town of Marlborough Supervisor
Town of New Paltz Supervisor*
Town of Plattekill Supervisor*
Town of Rosendale Supervisor *
Town of Shawangunk Supervisor
Town of Wawarsing Supervisor
Town of Woodstock Supervisor*
Village of Ellenville Mayor*
Village of New Paltz Mayor
Village of Saugerties Mayor*
* Current Voting Member until June 2025

7 as 1 Rural Membership

Town of Denning Supervisor 
Town of Gardiner Supervisor
Town of Hardenburgh Supervisor
Town of Marbletown Supervisor
Town of Olive Supervisor
Town of Rochester Supervisor*
Town of Shandaken Supervisor
* Current Voting Representative

Non-Voting Advisory Members

Federal Highway Administration
Federal Transit Administration
Federal Railroad Administration
NYS Bridge Authority
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation